• Extract related question,

    how can i limit the extract to create a dashboard and when I publish it , i can change the extract limit to all rows?
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  • Delhi user group meetups

    FYI To subscribe for updates on when user group meetups are happening, check out the link below       https://usergroups.tableau.com/Delhi   Ciara [Program Manager | Tableau Community Forums]
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Certification course & Study material

    Hello Delhi TUG members,   1. Has anyone taken the Tableau Training & Certification Course from Intellipaat? Did you like it? 2. Any recommendation for a Text Book for Beginners?   Thank you! Anuja
    Anuja Malaviya
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  • Required Freelancer Tableau Developer

    We at WHO, need a freelancer Tableau Developer. Our office in Delhi, who are interested email their details at agarwaln@who.int.
    Naveen Agarwal
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  • Do you know your Local Tableau contacts in India?

    Do you know who are Tableau contacts in India? Are you connected to them?
    Vinay Verma
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  • Want to get your support for Idea Voting - Country Specific Fiscal Calendar -

    Hi Delhi TUG Team,   My Name is Shin Murakami and want to get your assistance..   This link has detail. https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4997   My friends in Japan  have been struggling more tha...
    Shinichiro Murakami
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  • Join DelhiTUG Linkedin Group

    Hi All,   We have started a Linkedin group for DelhiTUG.   Join, Learn and share   Sign Up | LinkedIn   Thanks Group DelhiTUG
    Lakshmi Syamala
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  • DelhiTUG Meetup - June Edition

    Hi Tableauers,   Last 5 days to go.   Our next meetup is going to happen at Fidelity, Gurugram on 23rd June.   Register at https://delhitugjune.eventsbrite.com   Please ping me if you want to b...
    Lakshmi Syamala
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  • show another worksheet in pop. Is it possible in tableau?

    Pop up another chart in dashboard   Can anyone help in answering, details are in above link shared.   Thanks
    anil saini
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  • Stay tuned

    We will soon announce our official website as well.   stay tuned to this place   Thanks DelhiTUG
    Lakshmi Syamala
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  • Installing Tableau Server 10.5 on Linux

    Hi   We all know that Tableau Server 10.5 is available for Linux flavour as well now. If you are planning to test how it can be done on a Linux server. Please follow me at Installing Tableau Server 10.5 on Linux...
    Lakshmi Syamala
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  • Tableau server :- can i see my workbook pointing to which extract

    Tableau server:- can i see my workbook pointing to which extract   Hi All,   Above is the link where i posted the question, can anyone help me in this   Thanks Anil Saini
    anil saini
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  • Tableau Server 10.5 installation PPT

    Hi All,   I've uploaded the Tableau Server 10.5 installation presentation which we have demoed in our local Tableau VIZ meetup in Gurgaon.
    Lakshmi Narayana Syamala
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  • Features of 10.5

    New Features | Tableau Software
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Looking for Tableau Developer role in Gurgaon

    Hi All,   I am very actively looking for a Tableau Developer job opening. Please let me know if anyone is aware about any requirement at your organization, I will share my resume.   Thanks!
    mansi malik
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  • Tableau Integration with D3

    Hi all,   Just wanted to know if anyone worked on Tableau integration with D3? Could you share some documents and ideas about it.
    Rahul Tiwari
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  • T-model that summarizes data roles and skills.

    This visualization focuses on results from a survey of 32 different job titles and 12 different skills. Click on a job title that interests you to see the related tools used & their frequency of use.   http...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Tableau eLearning  Self-paced education for your organization

    What is Tableau eLearning? Tableau eLearning allows you to easily onboard and educate your team in a consistent and scalable way. eLearning courses help users learn the ins and outs of Tableau at their own pace, when ...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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  • Anyone doing dataviz in the social space?

    Most of my tableau work is in the social / development sector. Anyone else who specializes in that? My last project was for an european anti racism non profit - where racism was showcased using various indicators. Wi...
    Arijit Ganguly
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  • Coming Soon Tableau 10.3

    Some of the exciting features planned for this release include the .pdf connector, data driven alerts, table and join recommendations, and more web authoring capabilities.  Plus, the Tableau Online Sync client is...
    Vishal Shrivastava
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