• Christmas Drinks with Tableau

    Visualize this…   It’s snowing outside and it’s the end of long day. You’re thirsty, you’re hungry.  What should you do?  Tableau has the answer!!  Come join us and ...
    Shane Hubick
    created by Shane Hubick
  • Tableau Roadshow for Version 10

    Hi All,   I found out that Tableau will be having a Version 10 Roadshow event on September 13th at the Hyatt here in Calgary.  You can register here : Tableau 10 Roadshow - Calgary | Tableau Software  ...
    Nash Naidoo
    created by Nash Naidoo
  • AHS Senior (data/Tableau) Analyst position

    Alberta Health Services Provincial Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance program has posted a full-time permanent position for a Senior Analyst to take over the data analysis for the program. Tableau is the solution cu...
    Sue Steckle
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  • List of Mapping Resources

    Hi folks, Please post any other Tableau mapping resources that you come across (or any shapefiles that may be useful for Alberta). It seems mapping came up quite a bit last night. Here are some resources that I have...
    Jason Scarlett
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  • Iron Viz posting

    Hey all, I have uploaded my Iron Viz losing workbook to Tableau Public.  Had a great time creating it, even if I didn't win (sniff, sniff).   | Tableau Public
    Fuyo Watanabe
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  • Tableau Job at AHS

    Hi folks, We are hiring! Please see the link at the bottom, or search "Tableau Specialist" on the ASH job board.   "The role has significant responsibility in assisting in development, implementation, performanc...
    Jason Scarlett
    created by Jason Scarlett
  • colouring custom shapes by dimension

    I created custom shapes to identify half a square, quarter of a square, 3/4s of a square and so on. worked beautifully until I coloured by a dimension and then there was no distiction as to half a square or quarter of...
    ibiene obuoforibo
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  • Git and Tableau

    I presented this at the last Calgary Tableau User Group meeting.   git filter to strip the thumnails from a tableau workbook. · GitHub   Please let me know here - or in the gist comments - if you have...
    Stephen Childs
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  • Why Hulk Wears Purple Pants

    It was good to see some familiar faces yesterday... and some new ones.   It was great to see someone using custom maps in Tableau. I believe it was Trevor? that mentioned they had a WMS (Web Map Service) running...
    Jason Scarlett
    created by Jason Scarlett
  • Canada Surveillance in Tableau

    Trade Limits in Canada.  Here is a quick video of how we are solving regulatory issues using Tableau.  We connect several applications, databases, and real time exchange feeds for visualization into Tableau....
    Gordon Allott
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  • Exporting Images Best Practice

    I had a question at the meeting last week about exporting from Tableau for high quality printing. I came across this on the forums today and though I would pass it on.   This post seems to say that saving to an ...
    Jason Scarlett
    created by Jason Scarlett
  • Getting the Calgary TUG up and going again

    Is there any interest out there in getting the Calgary TUG up and running again?   Here at Alberta Health Services we have ~100 publishers across the province and are willing to share our experiences with Tablea...
    Jason Scarlett
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  • Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Tableau Customer Showcase - Calgary

    It was nice to meet many of you yesterday (even some new ones from AHS!). Attached is my presentation from yesterday.   Jason
    Jason Scarlett
    created by Jason Scarlett
  • Fiscal Year

    Hello,   I am a recent Tableau user and live and work in Calgary area.   I have tableau workbook with excel as my data source. The workbook shows only values from year 2014.   The fiscal year is nov ...
    Kenneth Holden
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  • Upcoming Meeting - Networking?

    Hello all, Is there any conference or gathering coming up this year? If not, is anyone interested in getting together for a "Tableau" networking event. I've used Tableau for over 5 years at my past job and now that ...
  • Anyone interested in Tableau training in Calgary?

    Tableau is running two training classes in Calgary in March: one a Fundamentals session and the other Advanced. Here are the links if you are interested: Tableau Fundamentals 2-Day Class - Calgary - 3/3/2014 - Event ...
    John Pain
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  • Don't Forget to Register for TCC13 in DC

    Register here by July 26th to receive our Last Change Discount!
    created by shani.nisman.0