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THANK YOU to all of you who attended the the Boulder TUG meeting at the USDA yesterday. It is so rewarding seeing our Community growing and thriving. For those of you who couldn't make it, no worries, we've got you covered. We're going to make sure to post presentations and when possible the .twbx files as well.



For those of you that did attend, please take a moment to complete this brief survey to give us feedback on today's meeting and to help us know how to make future meetings a success: Boulder Tableau User Group: 2018 Q1 Meeting Survey

For those of you who couldn't make it today, please take a minute to let us know your meeting preferences - time of day, topics you're interested in, etc.: Boulder Tableau User Group: 2018 Meeting Preference Survey (v2)



As promised, here is the link to Dr. Philip Riggs' presentation: Tableau Public .  And I have uploaded the PowerPoint Presentations from each of our Speakers, as well as the Hands-on Training Tableau Workbooks (.twbx files) to this site. These include starters and solutions for the Superstore Sales data we used in the meeting, as well as another .twbx file with Coffee Sales Sample data with the Bullet Graph (the chart type invented by Stephen Few - Data Visualization pioneer - to replace the gauge chart) and a completed Dashboard with the caffeinated template from


A HUGE THANK YOU once again to the amazing USDA Planning Team: Ann Brecht (the best project lead/event planner EVER - all the years of planning 10K's and big conferences was such a gift to us), Dr. Leah Estberg, Dr. Philip Riggs, Dr. Judy Akkina, Jim Pelichowski. To the USDA Volunteers: Dawit Assefa, Lindsey Holmstrom, Randy Munger, Melissa Schoenbaum, Sherri Wainwright & Amanda White.  To our Sponsors, TEK Systems, Tableau, and Alteryx. And to our Speakers, Dr. Philip Riggs, Dr. Leah Estber, Jim Pelichowski, Steve Martinez, Jennifer Fugita and Chris Cox.



We hope to see you at our Q2 Meeting Sponsored by Slalom on Thursday, May 3rd from 2-5 pm at the Tasty Weasel (Oscar Blues Tasting Room) in Longmont.