A few weeks ago, a security researcher released a dataset of 10 million usernames and passwords that he'd scraped from places online. (He cleaned them up a bit, and they're probably all dead, so don't worry.) Since a release of that magnitude hadn't really been done before, I thought it would be really interesting to analyze the data in Tableau and see what insights I found.


The results? Lots of weak passwords, a smattering of profanity, and even some Bieber references.


The full blog post goes into more detail, including how to use Tableau 9.0's new support for regular expressions (which are completely and totally awesome). Here's the link – 10 Million Passwords Analysisor just click the image below. Make sure to explore the viz for all the cool insights! (Tab #3 will let you search a subset of usernames and passwords for any words you want.)


blog - viz screenshot smaller.bmp