Hello everyone in the Boulder Tableau User Group!


This content page is looking pretty dead, so I thought I'd write a post to add an infinitesimal amount of life here. (Would that make the page "undead"? Yikes, zombie page!)


We lovely folks here at Boulder Insight like to keep up with the "Viz of the Day" publications from Tableau Public, and we thought it might be Viz-of-the-Day-worthy to analyze all of Viz of the Days! (Vizzes of the Day? Neither sounds good.)


So, without further adieu... the MetaViz of the Day!


Some interesting things to look for:

  1. Sports holds the title of most-talked-about-topic, and it's also the category that has seen the greatest increases in the past couple of years.
  2. John Schoen and Ramon Martinez have a whopping 35 vizzes between them. If you want to get on Viz of the Day, apparently they're the ones to learn from!
  3. The number of Economy vizzes published per year has decreased the most consistently out of the categories. Perhaps this is because the economy is continually doing better from year to year? Or maybe people have lost all hope and choose to watch football in despair?
  4. The number of vizzes about Culture spiked in 2013. Why was 2013 such a hot year for cultural topics?



Feel free to let us know of any other insights you find! And maybe one day, your viz will be listed here too...


Happy Visualizing!


Steven Rouk

Visualization Scientist

Boulder Insight