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Gina Bremer

July 2018 TUG!

Posted by Gina Bremer Jun 19, 2018

Join us on Thursday, July 19th, for our monthly Bellingham Tableau User Group meetup.  This month we are going to be working together to create our own data visualization masterpiece.  Tableau has challenged all of the user groups to create a dashboard about New Orleans (the home of TC18) and we want in. The winning group gets $500 for user group purposes!

If you are one of our more beginner Tableau users, don't be intimidated. There will be different levels of participation for this event. You can be a developer, a helper, or simply an observer. You can also be all three


What to Bring

If you want to help develop the dashboard, I challenge you to create a data visualization on New Orleans before the user group. We will start the user group by reviewing the vizzes that you have created and giving constructive feedback (if you want it). Based on what has been created, we will align on a single vision and move forward together. Here are the recommended steps if you would like to give it a shot:

  1. Find your data set:  there is a wealth of information on the NOLA website (
  2. Get clear on your question and intended use: what story are you trying to tell with your dashboard? How do you want people to use your dashboard? Does your design idea support this? This will help us give feedback and understand your intention.
  3. Remember the judging criteria: 25 points: Creativity, 25 points: Analytical Depth, 25 points: Relevance to the theme, 25 points: Design
  4. Build it and publish to Tableau Public
  5. Send me the link to your published workbook at so we can have it loaded up at the user group. I am also happy to review and give feedback prior to the group as well.

If you would simply like to contribute feedback or observe, just bring yourself!


Learn more and register here. We hope to see you there!