• Austin Tableau User Group - Thursday, May 7th, 3-4:30 pm

    When:          Thursday, May 7th, 2020 Time:            3-4:30 pm Where:       ...
    Chris Monahon
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  • Austin Tableau User Group - Tuesday, June 25th, 3-5 pm

    When:          Tuesday, June 25th Time:            3-5 pm Where:         Ta...
    PJ Hoke
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  • Tableau #DATADEV Hackathon: Austin Edition

    Calling all Tableau #DataDev near Austin!!   Come join us for our third Hackathon of the year where you can learn about Tableau's APIs and get mentored by folks from the Tableau dev team!   New to coding? ...
  • Austin TUG, March 26 - 3-5 pm

    Please join us for the Austin Tableau User Group meeting on Tuesday, March 26th. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your local Tableau Community. You'll have the chance to share best practices, connect wit...
    PJ Hoke
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  • Austin TUG, Tues, 2/26 from 3-5 pm

    Join the Austin TUG for a time of networking and meeting fellow Tableau users. We will have a great presentation by Roger Humecky, VP of Analytics at Texas Mutual Insurance. To register go to:   https://splashth...
    PJ Hoke
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  • January Austin Meeting?

    Hello all! Newbie to the group (and Tableau).. I saw the local user group occasionally get together. Was wondering if there was going to be anything like this for Austin anytime soon?
    Amber DeBolt
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  • Austin TUG Meeting 11/13?

    I have in my notes the Austin TUG is meeting on Tuesday, November 13, but I don't see any posts. Any info? Thanks, Lindsay
    Lindsay Jones
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  • Austin TUG - Tuesday, 9/18/18, 4-6 pm, Tableau Office

    Join us by registering at: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=49557537930   DESCRIPTION Please join us for the Austin Tableau User Group meeting on September 18th. This is an opportunity for you to connect w...
    PJ Hoke
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  • Austin TUG - Tues, Aug 21 from 3-5 pm

    We are having our August AUSTIN TUG meeting at a new location. We are excited, as The Home Depot has graciously offered their beautiful facility for our TUG meeting. Please join us for our first North Austin Tableau U...
    PJ Hoke
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  • US Census Viz Competition: May 18th - 19th

    Hi everyone, there's a viz competition happening in Austin on May 18th - 19th. It's free to attend. Register: Visualize Your Community - US Census Viz Competition Tickets, Fri, May 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite &#...
    Scott Teal
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  • Noob looking to help with side projects

    Career minded professional looking to develop my Tableau skills by helping out on side projects.  I've just completed the Desktop I: Fundamentals training and I'm interested in any opportunity that allows me to g...
    Allen Maitz
    created by Allen Maitz
  • Let's vanquish row/column tables in Tableau!

    We see it all the time -- rows and columns of numbers filling a page -- when instead you could be using powerful, yet simple, visualizations to make insights jump out.   I want to understand the problem on a larg...
    Lee Feinberg
    created by Lee Feinberg
  • Tableau TUG today 12/13 3-5 PM at the Tableau Office 7th & Congress

    It has been too long since we had an Austin TUG event. Please join us for and update on Tableau new features, and the Austin Holiday TUG as we network, select winners in the Viz as an Art Contest, and celebrate the Ho...
    John Wilson II
    created by John Wilson II
  • Tableau Developer 6 month contract in Austin

    Looking for a Tableau Developer for a 6 month contract in Austin to help us with a large enterprise healthcare product.  Would need to go through our contracting agency, but good exposure to big data (Cloudera Im...
    Matthew Fraser
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  • next meeting, show, conf. in Austin?

    Just want to know when the next meeting in Austin will be. Any information on vendor shows in Austin related to Tableau would be nice as well.   Thanks, Joey
    Joey Capps
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  • Job opportunity with El Paso ISD

    Hi everyone, There was a recently posted job opportunity with the El Paso ISD that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention.  It would require a relocation, but figured I'd help out our customer and help social...
    Chris Koehn
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  • Changing Data Source Dimension dynamically based on the User logged in.

    Hi,   We use Tableau as a Adhoc Reporting Solution for our clients. We have more than 80 clients and we have published data source on Tableau Server for them to create their own reports. We are using SQL Server ...
    Monika Patel
    created by Monika Patel
  • Austin Tableau User Group

    Does anyone know when Austin will get its own Tableau User Group?  I'm happy to inquire if we can host here at Homeaway in downtown Austin if that is of interest...
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  • Reinventing the Résumé and Application process with Tableau

      Often times BI Tableau Developers are plagued with the difficult decision of either showcasing their work to a potential employer, which can be the deciding factor in receiving an offer but often comes at the e...
    steven baez
    created by steven baez
  • KingStar Ventures Looking for BI Guru to Help Lead its BI / Tableau Initiatives

    Business Intelligence Analyst / Manager KingStar Ventures - Austin, TX Interested candidates please send resume and cover letter to iwanttowork@kingstarventures.com KingStar Ventures, founded in 2009, is a highly...
    Preston Haglin
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