Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server

Version 25

    A big part of my approach to administrating Tableau Server is self-service. As an Admin, I have full access to the Tableau Server postgreSQL repository database, which contains a ton of information about the content and activity related to it. Many times this information is requested of content owners, and it's been a big goal of mine to share this data with them in a way that is both secure and also avoids any impact to Tableau Server. I've also seen a lot of questions on the Server Admin forums around how to use the data within the repository database--how to join tables, how to understand the fields therein, etc.


    So, after working with some of this data for awhile, and sharing it with my users, I have a few I'd like to share with you in the hopes that they are helpful to you, and to yours. I'm starting with just three, since the others I use are less popular and require more cleanup before I feel like I can share them. I'll update this post if I get them to where they're in a good enough place to share.


    Each of these data sources follow as many best practices as I'm aware of. The fields are organized into folders, and each contains a comment about what it represents. These are being attached as workbooks, so I can use the Caption field on the first sheet to explain what the data source represents and how to use it (you can use this text for the Description field if you like, when you publish them!). I try to avoid CustomSQL, but it's unfortunately unavoidable when you try to assemble some of the PostgreSQL data into a coherent set.


    The current data sources I'm sharing are:


    • TS Content: High-level summarized data for each View, Workbook, and published Data Source on Tableau Server.
    • TS Background Tasks: Primarily for analyzing Extract Refresh and Subscription tasks that are run on Backgrounder processes.
    • TS Events: Essentially a master audit data source showing events happening on Tableau Server. Users signing in, accessing views, publishing content, etc.
    • TS Web Requests: An audit of requests made through the Tableau Server web server component. Useful for understanding user interaction with vizzes, as well as performance monitoring.
    • TS Data Connections: Maps both workbooks and published data sources to their underlying data connections. Useful for answering questions on what workbooks connect to what data source, which then connects to what database(s)?
    • TS Users: Aggregated information on what your users are up to on Tableau Server.



    Using these data sources requires (and assumes) that you have already opened up access to your PostgreSQL repository. Each attached file is named for the minimum version of Tableau Server you must be running to make use of it.


    Please check out the recorded session I presented at the Tableau conference last year for more info on the underlying data and methodology behind these data sources: How to Prevent an Uprising by Sharing Server Data


    I hope these are helpful to you--let me know if you find any issues, or have suggestions on what could be improved.




    10/18/2018: Fixed bug in Export Data Type field in TS Web Requests data source

    9/24/2018: Added TS Web Requests data source

    9/12/2018: Corrected issue with Historical Item Repository URL field in TS Events

    7/31/2018: Added TS Users data source

    5/29/2018: Added starter sheets to all data sources. LUID fields have been added for REST API compatibility. Fixed hyperlink calc issue. Upversioned all data sources to a minimum of 10.2.

    3/2/2018: Updated TS Background Tasks_9.2 to include Schedule information for Subscriptions and Extracts

    12/1/2017: Updated all data sources to clean up 10.5 fields. Added new version of TS Content specifically for v10.5 containing nested project information.

    9/8/2017: Updated TS Background Tasks name to "9.2" to reflect its true compatibility (sorry, 9.0-ers )

    8/23/2017: Updated all data sources for schema changes relative to 10.4 (there should be no functional changes, it only prevents them from being inaccurate when you upgrade to Tableau Server v10.4)