October TUG debrief

Version 1

    Thanks to every one who was able to join us at the TUG last night! I wanted to share the notes from the meeting. For those of you that weren't able to make it, we discussed 1. Problems that people were solving using Tableau 2. What Support people were interested in getting from TUG and 3. What people are able to offer the TUG community. As your new lead, Ill be using this information to drive our meetings in 2017.  More info to come on our next event December 6th.


    What Problems are people Solving?

    • People analytics
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Exploratory analysis
    • Spatial
    • Product Performance
    • Historical Performance
    • Pass thru service- portal that allows customers to look at their own data
    • Sales Strategy

    What Support do you want from the TUG?

    • Ideas/Inspiration
    • Hear challenges
    • 3rd Part Integration (ETL, data processing, advanced analytics like Altreyx or R)
    • How to get buy-in from management/change management
    • Best Practices
    • Whats New
    • Getting Data out
      • Micro Strategies
      • Biz objhects
    • Java Script API
    • Ideas on how to solve problems creatively
    • Project management- end to end
    • TUG directory- who is skilled at what?
    • Don’t neglect prior versions
    • Resource map
    • Real life examples
    • Security models
    • UX
    • Cost/benefit of Tableau for gun shy exec
    • Solutions to nagging issues/favorite work arounds
    • What hasn’t worked/lessons learned

    What can you offer?

    • Inspiration/ideas
    • Networking opportunites elsewhere
    • Set up chairs
    • Free labor from PSU students on dashboard dev- Alison Kruse
    • Kerry Anderson and Matt Fields = help organize new users
    • Space
      • eROI
      • Kaiser
      • Cambia
      • Nike
      • Columbia
    • Presenters
      • Brit- Row level security
      • Janelle Coburn