Tableau Server Schedules workbook

Version 7

    I have a small number of Schedules on my QA Server.  Only three of them are for extracts and the only one the QA testers should be using is the third one in the list:


    The "Administrator only..." schedules are only for me, the admin, thus the title.  Some people just weren't paying attention However I was still getting some users who were using the admin. only schedules and I was getting tired of having to log on to the Server to check up on things.  So I decided that I need a VizAlert report to let me know when such infractions occur but before I could build the alert I needed to actually get the information.  Please note that knowledge or use of VizAlerts is not necessary!  Here is that basic report that gets the information.



    • It includes a Parameter named "Time Zone Offset" that you can use for entering your specific time zone.  This is used in the LIVE connection to adjust the various date/time stamps of such fields
    • It includes a Parameter named "Tableau Server URL" that you need to fill out for your Tableau Server address.
    • It does not include "Execution" which is either Parallel or Serial.  I couldn't find that bit of info .  It's really not a big deal for me at this time.
    • I modified the _schedules.schedule_type so it displays a string value instead of a numeric value i.e. Hourly instead of 0, Daily instead of 1, etc.
    • I added 7 new fields, one for each day of the week (i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.) that will contain a 1 or 0 where 1=TRUE and 0=FALSE.  They are contained in the hierarchy, "Days of the week".  This is based off the _schedules.day_of_week_mask.  Read the data dictionary documentation on how this mask represents the days of the week.  I kept the _schedules.day_of_week_mask field in case others can use it for their own calculations.
    • The day of the month is a bit mask as well.  Really?  The scheduler can only have a single day of the month so why didn't they just make this an integer field instead of an unfriendly mask field?
    • Only active schedules are displayed i.e. " ...WHERE "_schedules"."hidden" = 'False' ".  If you deleted a Schedule you won't see it.
    • Unused as well as Disabled Schedules will appear under the NULL Site category.  This is because they aren't being used anywhere and thus have no Site to call home.  This is why I have the Site Name filter, so I can see all Schedules whether they're being used or not.
    • The first sheet is "Unauthorized Admin Schedule Usage" and is the VizAlert.  If you don't use VizAlerts or know what they are then delete this sheet and the following Dimensions:



    Example email of alert:


    1)  The schedule name hyperlink will take you to the actual Schedule in the Site.  This allows easy inspection & deletion of the tasks that use that Schedule.

    2)  The Site Schedule link takes you to the entire Schedule list for that particular Site.




    The workbook is version 10.0.0 and will only work on Tableau Server version 10 and higher.