Marimekko charts in Tableau (links and troubleshooting)

Version 3

    On the Tableau blog is a 3 part series on building Marimekko charts in Tableau using the new mark sizing feature in Tableau v10, and due to the size of the posts there was some troubleshooting material that couldn't fit so we decided to post it here.


    First, links to the posts in the series and the Tableau Public workbook:


    Part 1: An Introduction to Marimekko, a Chart of Many Colors and Many Names | Tableau Software

    Part 2: How to Build a Marimekko Chart in Tableau | Tableau Software

    Part 3: How to Add Context to Marimekko Charts in Tableau | Tableau Software


    The Marimekko workbook on Tableau Public:


    Marimekko wGT.png



    Troubleshooting Marimekko Construction


    In creating a number of different test charts I ran into some different problems where marks were piled on top of each other and not in a nice chart so to help you here are the most common issues:


    1. Marks aren’t stacking vertically in each column, like in this view that looks like a cityscape:


      Make sure that the Y-axis measure on Rows (the % of Total Quick Table Calculation on SUM(Applicants) here) *and* the X-axis measure on Columns (the # of Applicants here) have the right values (and right addressing settings) in your view. This is where having the workout view and display view come in handy, so you have a validated set of values to look at. Note that in dense views where the marks are overlapping you might need to put some of your Dimensions on Color and/or turn down the Transparency setting on Color.
    2. Marks aren’t properly placed horizontally in each column, as in this view:


      There are a couple of reasons this could be happening: You’ll need to check that Size Shelf is using Fixed with the Alignment set to Right, and that the X-axis measure on Columns (the # of Applicants calculated field here) has the correct addressing.
    3. The marks in a given column have different widths. This could be due to the conditions above, once you’ve checked a) and b) then check that the column size measure (Applicants per Column in this case) is returning the desired results.