Working with "No Items" in quick filters while using sheet selector parameters.

Version 1

    Ever wondered why Quick filters display "No Items" while working with sheet selector parameters?

    This document will help you out to get through this situation.


    Whenever we apply "Only Relevant Values" in quick filters while working with sheet selector parameter, this seems to work absolutely perfect at the sheet level. But if we try to bring this view to create a dashboards to visualize only relevant values the quick filters display "No Items". This is because Parameters are static for views and can reflect only those filters that are associated with the sheets.


    Solution for this is, create a new sheet which shows "quick filters only". Apply these filters to all sheets using the same data source. Also, make sure to hide all the quick filters that are in different sheets in our example quarterly and monthly. Finally drag the "quick filters only" view into the dashboard and apply "only relevant values". This helps the parameter to identify the filters associated with data source and quick filters work absolutely fine now.


    Attached is the workbook which shows the workaround on how to get through this scenario.