Invalid UTF8 character string Error – Invalid UTF8 character string error

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    Apart fromtabcmdAndtabadmin, AllTableauProducts supportUTF-8。 But there are times when the database is using non-Latin characters (such as Chinese, Korean, etc),TableauMay report an error.


    In that case, we can useTDCTo define the default character encoding for the file, for more information, please see the following Knowledge Base links:


    Change the statistics file's character encoding


    Should be noted that the links above are just a few examples to illustrate how to change the statistics file. The method can be extended to other situations.


    By opening the data sourceTDSOr in a text editor, open the saved workbook connected real-time database, we can find the appropriate connection. Need to be aware of is that we can"Find connection name. Suppliers and drive General and connections

    Class name.


    Creates a newTDCAll the character encoding will be expected to use this connection type on the data source. If you want the code to only one worksheet or workbook, open the workbook in the text editor orTDS, And then in theAfter the break andBefore a replicationInformation.


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