Blue Diagnostic Screen, Crash, Unresponsiveness Starting Tableau Server 9.3 on a VMware Virtual Machine

Version 1

    When Tableau Server 9.3 is installed on a VMware Virtual Machine, the computer might become unresponsive, Tableau Server migh crash repeatetively, and the following error might occur after a Blue Diagnostic Screeen:


    • Tableau Server 9.3.0
    • Windows Server 2012
    • VMware
    ResolutionThe following VMWare Knowledge Base article's steps explain how to remediate this issue to prevent the VM hosting Tableau Server from becoming unresponsive in the future: Windows virtual machine installed with vShield Endpoint Thin Agent and vShield Endpoint TDI Manager drivers becomes unresponsive or fails with a blue diagnostic screen.
    Root CauseThis is a known issue affecting VMware Tools, therefore Tableau Technical Support is unable to assist further.
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