Question about switching db connection to dashboards

Version 1

    Hello, I was wondering about a topic as you can see in the title.


    Lets asume that I have a view( or a dashboard) built and uploaded to Tableau Server.

    This will be connected with live connection to a database.

    Here what I want to know :


    1. I want to know if there is any way to change or switch my datasource(DB live connection) from one to another.

    But the tricky part is that I am working in the Tableau Serve not working with the Tableau Desktop.

    I know that with Tableau Desktop this can be done but as I already said, that is not my question.

    I want to know any possible option for a dynamic switch of db connection for a view(or dashboard).

    Of course, the database will be designed to use the same template, therefore having the same structure

    but different data in it.


    2. Another question, I also want to know if it is possible to share one session ID(account) of Tableau Server by

    N number of people who connects to the same view. Any limitations or technical issues?


    I'll be waiting.

    Thank you for reading.