Silicon Valley Enterprise TUG & Server Admin TUG meet-up recording

Version 3

    Scaling Tableau at Netflix - presented by Albert Wong and  Kat Gordiienko on July 14, 2016.

    Netflix Albert Wong hosted an awesome Silicon Valley TUG meet-up with more than 150+ people in room and 20 people on-line. This was first time we combined local meet-up with live streaming to Server Admin virtual community. It actually worked out very well. Online users asked a lot of good questions at the end of presentation together with local attendances in the room. The summary of the presentation:

    1. Netflix's journey of scaling Tableau to enterprise: From proof of concept, to gap engineering, to on-boarding, to platform integration
    2. Scalability Problem #1: Authentication Failed:


    • Solution: no account error -> redirect to signup workflow where identify user, authenticate and add user, then redirect user back to the original Tableau screen automatically.

    aud solution.png

    • Tools used: Node.JS and REST API

    3. Scalability Problem #2: Email Tableau views to those w/o Tableau account and allow personalization and multiple views to one email.



    4. Scalability Problem # 3: How to connect Tableau to big data leveraging SDK:

    big data problem.png


    Kat Gordiienko shared some awesome tips and tricks on how to build beautiful visualizations (hove over info button, measure-driven sheet swap, hidden filters, etc)