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    What's faster than same-day delivery from Amazon? Ah, yes, opening and exploring your order data in Vizable! Find out how with these easy steps. (And see this recipe in action on the Vizable blog!)


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    What Do I Buy on Exploring My Purchase-History Data

    By Piper Stull-Lane, Technical Writer


    I buy local when I can, but when something is particularly elusive (or expensive), I turn to the internet. This means that my order history is a bizarre collection of niche items and especially impressive deals.


    The best way to take a look at this treasure trove of personal consumer habits? If your spidey senses aren’t already tingling: yes, with Vizable.


    Importing Amazon order data into Vizable is a delightfully painless process. On your iPad, open Safari and log in to Amazon. Tap the Your Account dropdown, and choose Your Account. (No, you’re not seeing double.) Under Order History, tap Download Order Reports.




    I personally decided to download my entire order history (tap Year to Date to do that), but Amazon makes it easy to specify a date range if you have one in mind, and even offers various report types.


    Tap Request Report to view your data in Safari. Look for the Open in… button in the upper left-hand corner, tap it, and then choose Copy to Vizable. (If you can’t find Open in…, just tap the screen to bring it up.)




    In Vizable, I renamed my viz by tapping its title (I went with “ order data”), and then the questions began. First off: What are the most expensive items I purchased?


    I swiped to Title to see product names in the left-hand column, and then I chose Item Total for the column on the right.


    Amazon 3_0.gif


    Looks like the heavy hitters on my list are all electronics: headphones, Chromecast, a coffeemaker, and a creative tablet (which, to be fair, was a gift for someone else). Not bad, those are rarely sourced from local vendors.


    But then I was curious to know: What was the first item I bought on Amazon? What was it that prompted me to look online and create an account? In Time World, I found that the fateful date was April 3, 2011. And the item that I so desperately needed as a sophomore in college?


    Amazon 3_0.gif


    Portable speakers. Not my most scholastic moment—I probably won’t share this viz with my parents. (But I could! Just by tapping the share icon in the upper-right corner.)


    There are a bunch of other fields that Amazon provides when you download your data—payment type, seller, condition…even per-item tax. By the end of your order data analysis, who knows? You might just master your spending habits.


    If you haven't yet, visit the App Store to download Vizable. Tell about your data exploration in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter @VizableApp.


    Photo credit: Flickr user Mike Seyfang.



    Let's recap.



    • Vizable
    • Amazon account



    1. Log into
    2. Tap Your Account.
    3. Under Order History, tap Download Order Reports.
    4. Specify a date range, and tap Request Report.
    5. Open in Vizable.


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