TDEGen - TDE Update Command Line Tool

Version 3

    Hi People,

    It tooks me a long time to post the aplication here since the original post Tableau Automated Extractions Update Tool, but now it is done

    Its available at the above link and also attached to this Document.


    Its use is very simple as prensented in the original post



    It is important to say that, that it is for free, but exclusively for personal use, and since its use do not affect any legal licence restrictions and any third part conditions, ok ?  It was originally designed for my personal use, and i will try to attend to sugestions and bug reports, but i can't offer any warranties.


    Because it rewrites the .TWBX passed as parameter, i strongly recommend you to backup your original .TWBXs files before using it, so that in case of any failures on the rewrite process, you be able to recover from the original files.



    • Supports only SQL Server Datasources;
    • Supports only very basic Filters (i will work for make it better);
    • Tested only with .TWB/.TWBX created with TABLEAU Desktop 9.0.1;
    • Tested with Windows 7 64Bits and Windows Server 2012


    • The application must have write permission at Local Folder, at the .TWBX file that is been updated and at Users Temp Folder (Ex: C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Temp\


    PS: Since i haven't tested it in other scenarios, it will probably present some errors while processing different .TWBXs, but i will really appreciate all feedbacks that helps me to make an usefull tool to this community.


    Great weekend,