VizAlerts v1.1.0 Released

Version 3

    (Note that this is no longer the most recent version. Please see the main page where the latest version is stickied)




    Hey Everyone. Thanks to Jonathan Drummey's dedicated contributions via GitHub, we are happy to announce that we're releasing v1.1.0 of VizAlerts!



    New Features:


    • A new field is supported called Email Attachment ~ which allows you to attach files to the email sent without requiring they be embedded inline
    • You wanted 'em, you got 'em! VIZ_CSV() and VIZ_PDF() content references can now be used in the Email Attachment ~ field, allow you to attach these file types for a viz.
    • We now support embedding or attaching content to your email from any view on the same Site within Tableau Server to which you have permissions.
      • Example: VIZ_CSV(myWorkbook/myView)
    • In addition to referencing content from any view, you can also now pass in URL parameters to customize the output!
      • Example: VIZ_PDF(myWorkbook/myView?Region=East)
    • You can now more easily create hyperlinks to views with the VIZ_LINK() content reference
    • Customize attachment filenames with the |filename option
    • Combine multiple view images into a single, merged PDF by using the |mergpdf parameter in VIZ_PDF().
      • Example: VIZ_PDF(Sales/EastSales|filename=AllSales|mergepdf) VIZ_PDF(Sales/WestSales|filename=AllSales|mergepdf)
    • Enabled user-defined sort for consolidated emails using the Email Sort Order ~ field
    • Inline images can be easily hyperlinked with |vizlink option
    • A demo workbook is now included that shows a number of scenarios for both demo & test purposes
    • Added config options for custom SMTP server ports, and ignoring certificate check for SSL



    If you are currently running v1.0.8, here are the steps you'll need to take to upgrade:


    (Note: I recommend using a diffing tool for this that can compare entire folders, such as WinMerge, or Notepad++'s Compare plugin, or my personal (but not-free) favorite, Beyond Compare.

    You can choose to do it manually, but it's easier to make mistakes that way.)


    1. Download v1.1.0 from GitHub
    2. Install the pdf2py package on the server you're running VizAlerts on by running the command:
      1. pip install pypdf2
        (for installing on a machine not connected to the Internet, see Appendix A in the install_guide)
    3. Backup the existing VizAlerts folder somewhere, just in case
    4. Unzip the to a temporary location
    5. Stop the Scheduled Task that runs VizAlerts


    Here's where I like to use the diffing tool I mentioned earlier:


    1. *Carefully* merge the changes from the new \config\vizalerts.yaml file into your current config file, making sure to preserve your settings and any custom filters at the bottom of the SQL query.
    2. Copy the \tabUtil folder, replacing your current folder
    3. Copy the new \demo folder into the root of your current folder
    4. Copy all of the files in the root folder over your existing files:
      1.     \install_guide.docx
      2.     \LICENSE
      3.     \
      4.     \user_guide.docx
      5.     \version_history.txt
      6.     \
    5. Delete the extraneous VizAlerts.tdsx file from the root folder (the new version is in \demo)
    6. Start the Scheduled Task that runs VizAlerts
    7. Run a test on an alert that would be sent just to you to ensure it's working
    8. (You may want to do more testing at this point)
    9. Publish demo\VizAlerts.tdsx to Tableau Server, overwriting your existing version.
    10. You may want to also publish demo\VizAlertsDemo.twb (export it to a packaged workbook first!) to let your users download it and use it to build their own alerts.
    11. Notify your users of all the great new features! Encourage them to join us here on this site and provide feedback.



    Questions? Issues? Feedback of any kind? Add it as a comment below!