Tableau Active Directory Assistant - version 4

Version 2


    28June2016 - Group population is now based on the Site selected instead of bringing back only the Groups found in the "default" Site; Removed workbook password as end user can add it if they want it.



    This is an update to my original Tableau Active Directory Assistant.  Because the Tableau Server can properly sync Active Directory groups the use for this changed slightly for me.  I predominantly use it for bulk-deleting Users from my Servers and bulk-adding Users to a Group.


    What This Does

    The application helps the Tableau Server administrator add users (including publishing rights and licensing), delete users, both to & from a Group, change users Roles/Licensing, and add a new Group.  This will not delete a Group as that can have dire effects if done accidentally.


    Batteries Not Included

    The attached .zip file contains two files:

    1. tActiveDirectoryAssistant_v4.docx  --  Documentation in MS Word.  Yes, read this as it tells you what to do.
    2. tActiveDirectoryAssistant_v4.xlsm  --  The Excel application.  This uses macros so it MUST be enabled!



    • Ctrl + Shift + s will open the user form if you hide it.
    • Finally, click the button for the action you want to perform, either delete users or add them, including adding them to a specified Group or removing them from a Group if they aren't present in the similarly named AD group.
    • The application builds a batch script (a.k.a. batch file) and execute it.  The batch script will then carry out the desired actions i.e., it will be executed.
    • No longer requires setting up Tableau workbooks, batch scripts, and a schedule to run it all, however, Tableau Server administration access is required.  This application is not meant for end users, it's a tool for Tableau Server administrators.

    The theory behind this is very simple.  It's simply automating what we normally have to do, however, its power comes into play when you have tens, hundreds, or thousands more users that you need to manipulate in bulk.  You'll appreciate this when you have to import several hundred users.


    The nice thing with this application is that it is unprotected so you can view and edit the VBA code if you wish (and you're on your own if you do).  Also, the files that are generated are not deleted so you can view them as well, even modify them and manually run them if you desire.



    There are no options for assigning the various admin rights.  These folk are few between so it's a job that is should be done manually by a Tableau Server administrator.


    The credentials and settings will need to be changed to your Tableau Server(s) being logged on to.  Since the workbook is connecting directly to the Tableau Server database you will need to provide those credentials as well (Create Custom Administrative Views).


    Use it as it was designed to be used as.  Trying to run it with the columns in the wrong place or using the wrong data will likely give you an ugly, raw VBAerror message.  If you try to break it you definitely will as I didn't add robust error handling on purpose.  Just the basics to keep it working.  If you must have a better application from me then I charge $150/hr in one hour increments and I accept PayPal.


    Your Humble Tableau Server Padawan,

        Toby Erkson