Started from the bottom now we're here

Version 1

    Inspired by a recent Drake song, I decided to make a calculation that interprets "started from the bottom now we're here".


    Using the lovely sample data from the infamous Superstore, I decided my view needed to include customers because Drake tells us "now my whole team here". What to measure though? Sales! Because we all know how important the moolah is. More money is more important, so the customers with the most sales must be at the top, naturally. And behold:


    just sales.png


    Now we have a baseline. We need to start at the bottom and get "here". Running total solves half of the puzzle: we start at the top and at every row we are "here". But how do we start at the bottom?


    Never fear! We can use the advanced table settings to start at the bottom:


    1. Right-click [Sales] and select Edit Table Calculation...
    2. In the Table Calculation dialog, in the Running along dropdown menu, select Advanced...
    3. In the Advanced menu (I promise this is the last menu), we're going to change how the table calculation is sorted:
      1. Select the Field radio button under Sort
      2. In the dropdown menus choose Sales Sum
      3. (this is the critical step) select Ascending
    4. Hit OK twice to close all those dialog boxes


    Viola! We started at the bottom with the customer with lowest sales and now every row we have the running total of sales for that row here. The metaphor holds, trust me side by side.png

    You can also check out my finished view on Tableau Public!