Server & Online Admin March 24th Webinar Following-up

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    We had great webinar on March 24th about Tableau server upgrade (presented by Mark Wu) and Tableau predictive (presented by Dan Murray) with more than 100 attendances.

    Some additional information for the webinar:

    1. If you missed the webinar, recording is here 
    2. Questions and answers are in the attached spreadsheet. I added my additional answers for the questions which we were not able to answer during webinar.
    3. Tableau server upgrade slide used during webinar is attached
    4. The Web Data Connector URL used during demo is provided by Tableau Junkie
    5. Tableau Release Date workbook used during webinar is @
    6. Dan Murray's workbook & presentation are @ TYD2 Tour Journal: Multiple Talks in the Bay Area | Tableau Your Data! 


    Thanks audiences for your nice feedback about the webinar:

    From Paul Banoub : mapbox will take mapping to a new level. Stunning visuals

    From whytee   to   All Panelists : sticky map tools! Great UI change

    From  whytee : sticky map tools! Great UI change

    From Sandeep   to   All Panelists : Agreed, The satellite view is amazing! As if I am looking at google maps

    From Sandeep : Agreed, The satell

    From Paul Banoub : Great stuff thanks Mark

    From Mike R : always good stuff Mark, thanks!

    From hbhanushali : I will try web connector, thanks Mark.

    From pcheung : Thanks Mark!  That was helpful to hear how you approach upgrades.

    From Ashok Patro   to   All Panelists : It was excellent stuff Mark

    From Ashok Patro   to   All Panelists : you are excellent.

    From aanantha: Thanks for the fantastic webinar

    From Deborah : thanks!  Great presentation!