The Tableau Community Ambassadors

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    The Tableau Community Ambassadors are members of this community who really stand out. They are constantly helping people get questions to their answers about Tableau and data. They adhere to several key cultural values of Tableau: respect, honesty, teamwork, and simplicity. They are representatives and advocates of this Community. And they do it all because they have the passion!



    Anytime you see this icon next to someone's name, you can be sure you're talking to a Tableau Ambassador.





    Below are the current Tableau Community Ambassadors. Click on their names to see their profiles and follow them!


    Chris McClellan   Sydney | Australia


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    Deepak Rai   Phoenix | USA


    Deepak Rai has  extensive experience of  working with data science and visualizations for problem solving in scientific and business environments. At Tableau Forums, he believes that every requirement  is different and one learns something new everyday through doing. This belief gives an opportunity to enhance his own knowledge base as well as it helps others. His particular area of interest are Table calculations, statistical analysis,and complex calculations using LOD.


    Diego Parker  London | UK   &   Santiago | Chile


    When it comes to Tableau, Diego describes himself as an all-rounder. He spends most of his time in the general forums and whilst he mainly focuses on Tableau Desktop, he also knows a few things about Tableau Prep and Tableau Server. He speaks Spanish and loves challenges that require hacky solutions!


    Don Wise   Los Angeles | USA


    Don likes to hang out on the Community Forums and occasionally on Tableau Public. Recently retired from the Public-Safety arena, Don has extensive background in Fire/EMS and 9-1-1 operations and related data at local, State and Federal level. He tends to lean towards resolving time-based data questions or geography/map based issues on the Forums.

    Don also has good experience with Enterprise-level databases, Extracts, Tableau Online, Tableau Prep Builder and of course Tableau Desktop/Creator.


    Donna Coles Oxford-shire | UK


    Donna is a bit of a Tableau all-rounder.  She is the acknowledged Tableau expert in her organisation responsible for administering the Tableau Server, developing business dashboards in Desktop and providing internal consultancy to colleagues in the business. She is a regular #WorkoutWednesday participant, using the challenges to really test her Desktop skills and also try out new features. Recently she’s taken on the #PreppinData challenges to up her understanding of Tableau Prep.


    Hari Ankem   Bay Area | USA


    Hari is great with database queries, complex calculations and LODs and often attempts problems from the Crow's Nest. He is very active in the Community Forums and has provided unique solutions to the posts there, one post that did get special attention was Removing a Cell


    Jeff Strauss   Chicago | USA


    Jeff is a long time Tableau server integration architect.  Most recently, he has started to expand his knowledge base by diving deep into dev topics such as API’s, extension development, TabPy and react portal exploration. Check out his post in the TabWiki about Tableau vizql rendering.


    Jim Dehner   Nashville | USA


    Jim loves helping users and  is great with any type of calculation - and maintains a Tableau Public site where “How-to”  solutions to some of the Forum FAQ’s can be found!/


    Joe Oppelt   Colorado | USA


    Joe likes to answer questions on sheet swapping, and has created demo videos:  New series of videos on swapping and popping on a dashboard He also enjoys helping out with calcs, especially LODs and table calcs.


    Jonathan Drummey   Maine | USA


    Jonathan is one of the forums old-timers (and tries hard not be a curmudgeon about it)! Jonathan has answered questions about almost every aspect of Tableau, used forum questions to inspire posts at Drawing with Numbers and DataBlick. Jonathan’s present work at PATH and the Visualize No Malaria project has led him to focus more on Tableau Prep and questions around data structures, data densification, padding, and imputation. Jonathan is not only a Tableau Ambassador, but also a member of the Tableau Zen Master Hall of Fame.


    KALPIT GOYAL Hyderabad | India


    <to update>


    Ken Flerlage   Williamsport | USA


    Ken is a current Tableau Zen Master who loves to help people enhance their Tableau skills through the forums and his blog, You'll often encounter Ken answering questions on advanced techniques, including data densification, data scaffolding, and level-of-detail calculations, as well as advanced chart types.


    Lei Chen   Tokyo  &  Shanghai

    Lei Chen.jpg

    As well as providing direct answers to questions, Lei also likes to discuss about data, vizzes and further insight into the data with the help of Tableau.


    Mahfooj Khan   Doha | Qatar


    Mahfooj is one of the active contributors in the Forums who loves to help others. He always tries to answer in a simple approach which users can easily understand. He regularly participates in weekly social data viz projects like #MakeoverMonday #WorkoutWednesday. Find examples of his work on Tableau Public:!/


    Mavis Liu   London | UK


    Mavis has always enjoyed being creative and has a particular interest in painting and interior design. She quickly realised that she could use these skills in Tableau to continue exploring her creativity. She loves that she can use Tableau and make something engaging so that people are interested in visualising their data. As an accredited Tableau Trainer for a number of years, she loves teaching people how to use Tableau. Naturally the Tableau Forums is somewhere where she enjoys contributing!!/


    Michael Ye San Diego | USA


    Dr. Michael Ye is a senior business intelligence analyst. He is active in the Tableau Community and loves to help others with his skills. He is also a Tableau Trainer, and has recorded more than 100 hours of videos.  Michael has successfully helped hundreds of people to change their majors to Tableau. His YouTube channel "Tableau Advanced Tricks and Tips Series" is very popular. Michael is an LOD Expressions, Table Calculation and Set actions enthusiast.


    Naveen B   Bangalore | India


    Naveen Bandla is a Data Visualization Engineer. He Loves to explore the Edge Cases of Tableau and Complex Calculations.  He loves to help and share his expertise by helping as many people in the community. #WoW regular Participator. Find his work on Tableau Public Profile:!/


    Paul Wachtler  Atlanta | USA


    Paul loves to solve calculation problems.  He can help you break down LODs, Table Calcs, window functions, and other advanced calculations.  He also has years of experience with writing custom SQL.

    Check out his Tableau Fringe Festival APAC 2018 presentation on Demystifying LODs here: .  And you can find the viz he used for that presentation here:!/vizhome/DemystifyingLODsTFFAPAC/IcebergTitle


    Peter Fakan   Canberra | Australia


    Peter has a deep knowledge of business intelligence, data warehousing and meaningful KPI reporting and report design. He is a long time Tableau user, and can usually be found with spatial questions, especially ones that involve shapefiles.


    Ritesh Bisht   Bangalore | India


    Ritesh is a Data Science enthusiast who loves to drive innovation with Data & help people in the Tableau Community, he is the owner of Youtube channel Ritesh is Dancing with Data  He likes to work on logical and advance calculations


    shuhei saito   Fukuoka | Japan


    Shuhei is a strategic manager in the retail field, and a Tableau trainer. He likes to deepen his understanding of Tableau and approach various use cases. He is especially good at resolving problems using Table Calculations.














    Simon Runc


    Simon is a try-anything type of guy when it comes to data.

    He's always participating in the Brain Teasers in Viz Talk, and even has posted a couple of his own - Educational Brain Teaser: Bold Single Label on a Header







    Toby Erkson


    Toby is another master when it comes to Server Admin.

    He's constantly sharing content on what he's learned using Tableau Server. Check out Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report.