The Tableau Community Ambassadors

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    The Tableau Community Ambassadors are members of this community who really stand out. They are constantly helping people get questions to their answers about Tableau and data. They adhere to several key cultural values of Tableau: respect, honesty, teamwork, and simplicity. They are representatives and advocates of this Community. And they do it all because they have the passion!



    Anytime you see this icon next to someone's name, you can be sure you're talking to a Tableau Ambassador.





    Below are the current Tableau Community Ambassadors. Click on their names to see their profiles and follow them!




    Bill Lyons


    Bill is a whiz with data. You may have seen his impressive Day-night map with twilight and marks in the Workbook & Calculation Library.








    Jeff Strauss


    Jeff is great with Tableau Server and you'll often find him answering questions in the Server Administration.

    Check out his post in the TabWiki about Tableau vizql rendering









    Joe Oppelt


    Joe is great at blending data and dashboards.

    He's even created a video sharing We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.






    JonathanDrummey.png Jonathan Drummey


    Jonathan is not also a Tableau Ambassador, but also a Tableau Zen Master. He has provided some exceptional content to this Community.

    One of his more recent posts that got people's attention was Re: LOD







    Mark Fraser


    Mark seems to know a little bit about everything. Most of the time you'll find him in the general forums, but you can also find him in the Developer Forums and Server Administration from time to time.

    He even shares calculations that he runs into, such as Split Comma Separated Names







    Norbert Maijoor


    Norbert has been a long time user of Tableau and is especially good at sharing his expertise and resources that he has found helpful.

    Here's an example where he recreates a workbook and instructions for how to accomplish Calculation Field - how to include one measure with values of different time periods? (Current Period minus previous Pe…








    Simon Runc


    Simon is a try-anything type of guy when it comes to data.

    He's always participating in the Brain Teasers in Viz Talk, and even has posted a couple of his own - Educational Brain Teaser: Bold Single Label on a Header







    Toby Erkson


    Toby is another master when it comes to Server Admin.

    He's constantly sharing content on what he's learned using Tableau Server. Check out Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report.







    Tom W


    Tom is one of our ambassadors who uses Tableau Online, as well as being proficient in Tableau Desktop - and quite good with custom SQL.

    Here he shows his magic Re: How to use datediff in Custom SQL