Tableau Server & Online Admin User Group Webinar - Workbook Performance

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    We had an awesome Workbook Performance Webinar today with about 200 audiences via Zoom. Speaker Mike Roberts shared great insights on

    • Workbook MetaData : What’s actually in the workbook (filters, row shelf, column shelf, etc)? Where do we get all the metadata WITHOUT using tabcmd/rest api? PostgreSQL / psql
    • Desktop vs Server: Something that performs well on desktop *should* perform equally well on Server (but sometimes that’s not true), then how do we troubleshoot it?
    • Alerts: How to create alerts to your workbook as people often don’t know if their workbook is slow or not.

    According to Mike,  a good workbook isn’t just one which performs well in Tableau Desktop. A good workbook should have following characters:

    • Data - general rule: more data = potential for high latency and poor performance
    • Design - proper use of filters, action, mark types, etc
    • Delivery - Where it’s delivered has a large impact on how it performs


    The presentation is @

    The code used is @

    The recording @16.03.01_Tableau Software Webinar.mp4 - Google Drive


    Thank you very much for your participation.

    Mark Wu