Getting permission settings from the Tableau Server

Version 5

    A while back someone had given me a workbook with permissioning that works really great but requires extracts due to the enormous size of the data and load on the Server.  While the attached doesn't provide the rich data it does provide essential data that's good enough and much more quickly!


    I've taken the code generously provided by David Mannering, added some additional [borrowed] code to it for getting System and Site Administrator indicators, and wrapped it up nicely into a workbook with a basic viz ready to go (workbook is v9.1).   This workbook pulls values directly from the Tableau Server db so it will work with all versions of Tableau Server from 9.0 upward (unless specified otherwise).  Everyone, make sure you edit the data connection for your specific Tableau Server.


    Please read the attached document and play with the report.  There are a couple additional fields, like the ones that end with "_id", that are included to help with data blending.


    For the genesis of this post please see Workbooks that a group has access to


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    Use "Permissioning_10_5.twb" for versions 10.5.x and higher (e.g. 2018.x).

    Use "Permissioning - Copy.twb" for versions 10.3.x and lower (e.g. 10.2).