Fast, Easy, Free Workbook Documentation and Management with the TWB Gem

Version 2

    Want to know what's in your Workbooks? Need to make changes to them programmatically? Many of us do.


    For the past six+ years I've been building tools that do this, and there are other tools out there. But they have the same limitations: they're fixed-function; they're external to Tableau; they're not open; some of them are even expensive.


    Tired of creating the same functional code over and over, I've created a Ruby library to do the heavy lifting involved in Workbook analysis and manipulation, and released it to the public as an Open Source Ruby gem.

    It's available on GitHub here: ChrisGerrard/TWB · GitHub

    Tools that take advantage of the gem, or are otherwise useful, are available here: ChrisGerrard/Tableau-Tools · GitHub   and here: ChrisGerrard/TableauToolsRuby · GitHub

    (The tools that predate the gem may or may not be rewritten to do so, depending upon time available, best intentions, other commitments, etc.)


    This post: describes Twb, the Ruby gem, and provides an introductory example of it in use.


    More useful apps are in the pipeline, and will be published (very soon I hope), If you have any ideas or needs for useful and valuable apps please drop a comment here or at Tableau Friction.