My favorite Extract Refresh admin view

Version 2

    The ExtractRefreshHistory sheet is my personal favorite for checking the success / failure of extracts on Tableau Server. It enables you to see patterns in the behavior of your extracts quite easily, as the history for each is laid out on a single horizontal line. The items with more frequent refreshes are listed at the top, and those that are less frequent are at the bottom. URL Actions will take you directly to the content on your Server instance, and failure marks use a mailto link to automatically compose an email to the owner of the extract that failed, saving you the trouble of writing it yourself.


    On my server, we use a published datasource instead of a local one, which is user-filtered on the row level, and the workbook itself is left open for anyone to Interact with. So if anyone needs to see their own data in this view, they can, hopefully without bugging me unless they really need something .


    There are two other views in there that I left in as a bonus, but I'm mostly excited about the Extract Refresh one.


    This was built in version 9.1, by the way.


    Hope it's helpful for y'all.