Tableau Forum Guidelines

Version 9

    Welcome to the Forums!


    The forums are a wonderful source of information to answer Tableau related questions. Chances are that if you have the question, someone else has asked it in the past or will have the same issue in the future. This community of Tableau users learn, teach and share ideas with each other so that the knowledge within it is continually growing. To get the most out of the forums and find a potential solution, follow the below guidelines:


    Search for an answer to your question before posting

    If you do not find a post with a similar thread when you search within the Community, the next best place to find useful information is the search bar in the upper right corner of the Tableau web page. This will return results from our Support site, including posts with similar titles from the Tableau Community, Knowledge Base articles, Online Help, and training videos.




    Type your question and describe the issue

    Selecting Categories and adding Tags will help others find your question. The more information that can be provided, the better—remember it may be obvious to you because you work with the data on a daily basis, but for the Community, this is just a small glance into it!



    Provide example data by posting a packaged workbook (twbx or hyper file)

    Giving people the chance to actually see your Tableau workbook is the best way for them to help you.  When uploading your workbook to the forums, make sure you've created a packaged workbook so that the data along with your analysis is accessible.  If you are unable to post your workbook because of data privacy issues, the next best option is to create a mockup using sample data or taking a screenshot of the issue . The following post goes into more details about posting data: Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


    Every situation in Tableau can be a little different, the evaluation of calculations in Tableau is dependent on the data contents, and your capabilities depend on your data structure. Without a good example that represents your situation, it may not be possible to get a good solution. Please provide a packaged workbook to help others help you.


    Attaching a packaged workbook (twbx or hyper file)

    In the Tableau Forums, we frequently request those who post questions to attach a packaged workbook. This document: Packaged workbooks: when, why, how from Forum Ambassador Bill Lyons is here to help you understand when a packaged workbook helps, why we ask for it, and how to include one.


    Different versions of Tableau may have features that are available in one version that is not available in a previous version, thus making the way something is accomplished dependent on which version is being used. In order to make it easier for fellow community members to assist you, let everyone know what version your workbook was created in either within the post or the title of the workbook (i.e. SampleSuperstore_V8.0.twbx).



    Mark responses as helpful or correct answers

    After you've posted a question, giving feedback to the member who resolved your question will encourage them to continue helping out the Community. Not to mention, marking your question as Correct, will help other people sift through solutions when they have the same issue as you.



    Do not post content advertising services or products before reading our advertising policy here.



    Don't know where to start in the Community? Check out the video in Getting Started in the Forums


    Enjoy and happy analyzing!