What's Changed in the Tableau Community

Version 8

    Some things have changed around the Tableau Community - and we're pretty excited about it! We've got a brand new look. We made it easier to navigate. And we've made it easier to provide feedback to the rest of the community on the questions your facing. Here's a quick glimpse into some of the things that have changed - we hope you enjoy!


    The Homepage

    The welcome page may look quite a bit different - but there's much of the same content and some things that are even easier to find!


    You'll still be able to see what's trending and see who's on the leader board, but you'll also be able to see upcoming events, unanswered questions, and groups you maybe didn't know about.





    How to Navigate


    Getting around the Community is now easier experience. Instead of needing to go back to the main page or sub-page to get to major parts within the Community, there is a menu that will allow you to access the main pages quite easily.


    New DropDown.jpg




    You'll notice a new tab called Resources in this navigation. We've combined the Workbook & Calculation Library, the The specified item was not found., TabWiki, and Viz Talk as these have more to do with sharing content that is useful to the community.



    Your Profile

    The profile got a major upgrade. You're now able to see your top contacts, content, and places easily in one place. You can also add more pictures to share with the community, find all the places you belong to or follow, and keep track of your community badges/missions.






    Check out relevant search terms by clicking on the tags below the search bar. Also, take note of any recommended search results, as these may be relevant threads/documents/ideas to help you answer your question.





    Helpful Responses

    See a response that helped you solve a question, but you didn't post the original question? Well now, you can provide feedback that it's helped you too!






    Similar Questions

    Have the same question as someone else? Let them and others know:





    These are just some of the features of the upgraded community. Let us know what you think or provide feedback here: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback