FAQ: Tableau Community Translations

Version 4

    You may have noticed that the Tableau Community now has the ability to translate community content into your language. This means that it is now easier to connect with people from all over the world who speak different languages and have conversations with them!


    How do I turn it on?

    Checking the Translate Page to: __ in the upper right corner of a community page will allow content to be translated in your native language.




    How does it know which language to translate to?

    The language is determined by the following:

    1. The language set under your User Preferences (note: you must be logged in to access this page)
    2. If the above is not set, your language will be determined by the browser language.
    3. If there is no browser language set, the language will default to English.



    How is the content being translated?

    The translations are performed through Microsoft's machine translation. This means that the translations are happening on the fly and are not reviewed by someone who speaks the language. Therefore, there are bound to be mistakes in the translations, but at least the message should (hopefully) be conveyed.



    What will be translated?

    When the translation option is turned on, it will translate threads, comments, documents, and community blog posts.

    • It currently does not translate ideas



    What if I see issues or errors with the translation?

    Please send any errors or issues to community@tableau.com.