Nested Sorting >2 Dimensions on Row Shelf (Non-Hierarchical)

Version 1

    This is a great tutorial on 2 ways to approach nested sorting:


    But what if I have more than 2 dimensions on the row shelf?

    For the first method described in the tutorial, I found (through trial and error) that I had to put the combined field after the first dimension on the row shelf.


    What if you want to use the second method (with calculated field (index) and sort by top N)?


    I'm glad you asked.


    Here's what worked for me:

    Follow the tutorial as described, but instead of calculating with pane (down) on sales:

    1. Edit table calculation

    2. Advanced

    3. Under "partitioning", put the left most dimension.

    4. All other dimensions go under "addressing".

    5. Click "OK".

    6. Follow the rest of the tutorial on top N quick-filter.



    1. It may work with hierarchies, but I'm not sure.

    2. My measure is a LOD expression (not sure if that matters).