TC15 Interactive Schedule Builder

Version 3


    This is an update to the workbook I built and shared last year.

    Thankfully the folks at Tableau made the data available again so this was not too bad to re-create. 

    This version does not have as many bells and whistles as last year, but I found that in use the most difficult features to create only added minimal benefit. (ie. Map plotting and Speaker Image pop-ups)

    So here a streamlined version of this years interactive schedule builder.…

    Just like last year, I feel that it works best when using an embedded version so I did not include the workbook.  You can always download from Tableau public if you want.

    If you want to see last years it is here:

    TCC14 Interactive Schedule Builder - *Final Update


    Tableau Version:Made on 9.1 but works best on Tableau Public

    Original Author: Dan Rullo