Multi-Level Sorting with Ranks

Version 10



    Utilizes LoDs (INCLUDE/EXLCUDE) and RANK_DENSE to calculate both the User Selected Rank, and the Overall Rank while having a lower level dimension in the vizLoD.


    User selected rank is determined by a parameter called Sort By and a Calculated Field that returns the Sum of Sales for the Customer Segment selected. Overall Rank is determined by calc that Excludes the lower level dimension. Both Calcs are then wrapped in a RANK_DENSE function.


    Additionally, the workbook contains functionality that allows the user to select whether or not they wish to see other segments in the ViZ, switch between Sales and Profit, Choose which Rank to View and Sort Rank based on Top or Bottom





    9-16-2015 12-15-32 PM.png


    9-16-2015 12-17-00 PM.png


    9-16-2015 12-17-22 PM.png



    Tableau Version: 9.0


    Original Author: Rody Zakovich


    Additional Notes:


    I am not a strong writer, so any tips/instructions on how to improve my descriptions are highly appreciated!


    Thanks to Mark Fraser for helping out on the Table Layout/Formatting