Moving Data Source and Workbooks

Version 2

    The below outlines a easy way to move your tableau documents including data sources between folders on your drives, Using Excel or Access Data sources either live or extract.


    1. Make copies of your tableau workbook and data source (this is just so you don't loose anything you can delete the originals later)


    Picture 1.jpg




    2. Move the copies to the new location.




    3. Change the name of your data source so its the same as the original.




    4.  Go to a sheet in the tableau workbook (the one in the new location) and right click on the data source name in the top left of the page and click on 'Edit Data Source...'.




    5. Depending what your linked to the view is slightly different now but what your looking for is the data source name which will be in orange. This should be to the top left of the screen. Click on this.





    6. This will open a file browser box. Find the data source in its new location, select it and press ok.


    Hey presto. Your tableau workbook and data source should now be working together in their new location. Refresh your extracts and play around with them to make sure they work before deleting your originals.


    This is something which i spent ages trying to do though it now seems so simple. I struggled to find any advise online about it so hopes this helps some of you.


    All the best,