Getting Started: VizAlerts 1.0.3

Version 3

    Hey all! This is a post to give you a quick intro to VizAlerts and provide you the documentation and source code so that you can run with your testing. For newer versions, I'll create a new post and try to list what all was changed.



    What is VizAlerts?

    Since the dawn of time, humans have brought up the needs that they have for various forms of alerting driven by Tableau Server. Some want to know when extract refreshes fail. Others want to know when they succeed. Salespeople want to know when they hit their quota. Still others simply want to make a few tweaks to the existing Subscription functionality, say, by being able to send a report image to a distribution list rather than requiring each individual team member to subscribe separately.

    VizAlerts is an email automation platform intended to seamlessly integrate with Tableau Server. The idea behind it is that anyone should be able to easily build, share, and customize pretty much any email automation based on their own Tableau Server viz data.

    How can I get started?

    Just download the attached .zip file, then read through the instructions to set it up in the install_guide.doc file. This should take you through each step you need to perform to get VizAlerts running against a Tableau Server instance.

    The next item to check out is the user_guide.docx. This goes into detail about what you will actually need to do to set up a functional alert based on your data.

    What if I need help?

    Please share any questions or problems you have here as a new Discussion post! While it's my hope that VizAlerts provides a lot of value in it's current form, I know there are bits that can be a little confusing, and some bugs to work out, and general improvements needed in the documentation that I would love to hear from you. Please, please, ask away!

    What if I find an issue or have feedback?

    Please add your feedback to 1.0.3 Feedback: A Running List

    Thank you again, I really appreciate you taking the time to try this out with me!


    Changes since version 1.0.2:

    • Fixed bug where To addresses are not validated
    • Fixed bug where Advanced alerts with lines over 1000 characters are truncated
    • Added max length check for Advanced Alert addresses
    • Improved some error handling