Tableau vizql rendering

Version 1

    This is a newly created workbook that is part of our custom admin portfolio and in a sense is complementary to the "stats load time" built in admin view.  If you make any enhancements, please share.


    The top part (rendering times) can be taken and re-used free of charge, and there is no warranty.  I have cleared our the local extracts so that you can connect to your own server postgres instance and gain your own insights.  We run the extract on an hourly basis and it gives us a really good fast view.


    The bottom part is a bit more complicated, so ignore this unless you really want to pursue building a parser of your vizql logs.



    Insights / answers:

    1. What is the overall average rendering time


    2. Vertical position and bubble size indicate the duration of each individual render, what are the outliers.  Horizontal is time of day.


    3. Shape tells whether its a compute or load.  I'm thinking that the stand-alone star shape (low rendering times) is getting from cache.


    4. Color indicates a common workbook or view (whatever you have selected as the parm).


    5. Multiple quick filters that permits selection of site, workbook, view, standard vs. custom view