Permissions Error Connecting to Sharepoint List through OData

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    Important: Tableau does not support or test OData connections to SharePoint list data. This article is intended to provide general guidance on particular configurations, which might allow Tableau to connect to SharePoint list data using OData. Support cannot assist with any issues that arise as a result of this article.

    This article contains steps that tell you to modify the Windows registry. Tableau recommends that you create a backup of the registry before you modify it, and modify it with caution. Tableau Support cannot provide assistance with problems that you might experience as a result of modifying the registry incorrectly.


    When you try to connect to a SharePoint list through OData in Tableau Desktop 8.1, one of the following errors might occur:


    You do not have permissions from the OData source to access the data. Check with the data provider to obtain or update your permissions.




    Your request might have been denied because your account exceeded the quota for this resource.

    Service unavailable. Check to make sure the service is running.



    Internet communication error: SSL connect error <server name>

    Make sure you used a valid OData URL with the correct prefix (http:// or https://).



    •     Tableau Desktop 8.1
    •     OData
    •     Microsoft SharePoint



    Disabling libcurl and enabling WinINet might allow you to connect. Use the following workaround:


        On the Windows Start menu, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.

        In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Tableau > Tableau 8.1 > Settings.

        Right-click Settings, and select New > String Value.

        Name the new string value LegacyHttpClientEnabled.

        Right-click LegacyHttpClientEnabled and select Modify.

        In Value data, type true, and then click OK.


    Root Cause

    Tableau Desktop 8.0 uses WinINet to handle HTTP requests, whereas Tableau Desktop 8.1 uses libcurl.

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