1.0 Feedback: A Running List

Version 8

    This is a list of all bugs, issues, feature change requests, or documentation deficiencies reported in v1.0 of VizAlerts, for tracking purposes. I'll keep this up to date with newly reported issues, and add notes should they be fixed in a newer version. Alongside each is who found / suggested each issue / feature request:


    Items struck through have been fixed in v1.0.1. All other items will carry over to 1.0.1 Feedback: A Running List



    1. Trusted ticket test should treat a "-1" return value as an error and handle it appropriately (toby e)
    2. Delimited email address lists not being handled correctly for Advanced Alerts (matt c)
    3. Server.domain file in vizalerts.yaml is used to generate trusted tickets for users--derive their domain from Repository instead so we can support users from multiple domains (toby e)


    Functionality Changes:

    1. Make it easy to unsubscribe from an alert by adding footer link to the author's Subscriptions page on Tableau Server. (matt c)
    2. Don't automatically link VIZ_IMAGE() embeds--allow the user to define the link to use. (matt c)
    3. Secure passwords needed by the scripts (no plaintext passwords in config!) (toby e)
    4. Do away with need to add a comment to Advanced Alerts (toby e)
    5. Pass detailed error back via failure emails to admin (matt c)
    6. Support Server instances using local authentication rather than AD (matt c)


    Documentation Changes:

    1. Add page numbers to all docs (toby e)
    2. Explain what "VIZ_IMAGE()" does not support on page 14 of install guide (toby e)
    3. Add instructions for "offline" Python package installation in install guide, for servers without Internet access (toby e)
    4. Remove "wgserver.extended_trusted_ip_checking" instructions from install guide--advanced users can configure this later...maybe move to an "advanced setup" section. (toby e)
    5. Clarify in vizalerts.yaml and install guide that server value should be short name, not the fully qualified name (toby e)
    6. Expand the images in the documentation so they are more readable (toby e)
    7. Clarify in vizalerts.yaml and install guide the allowed domain list format (toby e)
    8. Clarify in vizalerts.yaml and install guide when quotes are required around values (toby e)