Tableau Community Point System Changes

Version 3

    Update: These changes are now live!



    Hi All!


    I've mentioned in the last two Community Digests that there will be some changes to our current point system in the Tableau Community. The purpose of these changes is to encourage high quality content and level the playing ground for newer members. In addition, the "levels" will be more accurate as to how long someone has been a part of the Community/their familiarity with Tableau. These are the changes that will be taking place:


    1. Currently, there are 32 levels in the Community. This will change so that there are only 15 levels. Anyone who has reached Level 15 (the number under the avatar) can be recognized as someone who has been around the Community for awhile. Please note your level will update with this change once implemented (next Thursday).


    The point structure will be broken down in the following way:


         Level 1: 0+ pts

         Level 2: 50+ pts

         Level 3: 100+ pts

         Level 4: 200+ pts

         Level 5: 400+ pts

         Level 6: 700+ pts

         Level 7: 1100+ pts

         Level 8: 1600+ pts

         Level 9: 2200+ pts

         Level10: 2900+ pts

         Level11: 3700+ pts

         Level12: 4600+ pts

         Level13: 5600+ pts

         Level14: 6700+ pts

         Level15: 7900+ pts



    2. Points will only be rewarded for quality purposes as determined by others. This includes answers that are marked as correct, helpful, or have received 3+ "likes." It also includes questions, threads or documents that have been bookmarked or have 3+ "likes." A list of actions that receive points will also be posted.


    3. Badges will still be earned. However, there will no longer be any points associated with them once they have been received. These are the icons that appear on your profile page. A full list of these will be included on the Points, Levels & Badges


    4. The leader board will be a reflection of a rolling year term (although your profile will contain all of your points).


    These changes will take place next Thursday (June 11) . Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at


    Thanks all!