Calculating No. of Days between 2 Dates In terms of Years, Months, Days

Version 2

    I Have created several Calculations to get the actual & expected result.


    Lets Take [Order_Date] and [Ship_date] are 2 date fields for this calculation purpose.


    [Order_Date]         [Ship_date]

    1-Jan-2014               21-Jan-2014

    21-Feb-2013             01-Jan-2015

    21-Mar-2013              12-Mar-2014



    Calculations :


    1) Years

    div( datediff('day', [Order_Date], [Ship_date] ), 365)


    2) We are deducting number years more than Order Date. (This is supportive Calculation)

    Name: Dateadd - Years

    dateadd( 'year', -[Years],   [Ship_date] )


    3) Months

    div( datediff('day', [Order_Date],[ Dateadd - Years]), 30)


    4) Days

    datediff('day', [Order_Date],[ Dateadd - Years])%30


    To get more details about this calculations & Report, go through the below link.!/publish-confirm


    Limitations:This calculation treats 365 Days in Year, 30 Days in a Month.