Dynamic Axis Range - Fixing One End (or both, or have it dynamic)

Version 1

    Description: In Tableau you have the option of Fixing the Axis Range (both Upper and Lower bounds), or letting Tableau choose (by deselecting 'Include Zero'). Sometimes you want to just fix one end.

    This little trick using Reference Lines solves that problem. The attached workbook is worked up from SuperStore data, and uses a parameter to choose the Upper Bound. This could equally be done from a calculated field (although this is built in 8.2, I can see the LOD calculations being very useful in setting the bounds from a calculated field)

    Go to the Edit Axis options, and choose 'Exclude Zero'

    Edit Chart Axis - Include Zero.JPG

    Next create a Reference Line (and choose None on the Line and Shading...i.e. don't show it)

    Add Reference Line for Dynamic Axis Sizing.JPG

    And that's it! As you're not including zero, Tableau will choose the Range, but it has to include any reference line so that forces the upper or lower bound. Change the parameter and see what I mean!

    If this is from a calculated field it can also be dynamic


    Axis Range.JPG

    Author: Simon Runc

    Tableau Version: 8.2