Time periods in Tableau

Version 1

    Description: Automatic time period calculations using a single parameter date

    Tableau Version: 8.3

    Original Author: Mark Fraser

    A recent query on the forum prompted me to put together the attached (v8.3) where I use a parameter date to drive different time periods on a single sheet.


    Time calculations include:

    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Week to Date (WTD) (defaults to Monday)
    • Month to Date (MTD)
    • Quarter to Date (QTD) (Jan-Mar is Q1)
    • Year to Date (YTD)
    • Year to Date Previous Year


    It may not be the most efficient, or best practice, but its how I do it, and I thought I would share

    If you have alternative methods, improvements, suggestions etc, feel free to comment!


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