How To:  Export a large .tde file to Excel

Version 3

    This process is from Dave Kopniske.  I have added it here because it is a great solution for getting .tde data into Excel, especially if the .tde is a large file.  Here is his original reply:  Re: tde file regenerate excel file.  I've paraphrased his reply to fit the context of TabWiki.


    If you're trying to do a View Data from the .tde data source and doing a huge copy/paste into Excel the process may fail.  The reason may be that there are far too many rows for your computer to handle in memory using that method.


    Instead, try this:


    1. Make a new viz and add the Number of Records measure only.
    2. Then choose to View Data from your viz, switch to the Underlying data, change the number of preview rows to show all the rows in your source, and make sure the Show All Columns is checked.
    3. Now just choose the Export All button and it will download all of your data to a .csv file, which you can then open in Excel.