PLEA/REMINDER: Include Tableau Version When Posting Questions to Community Forums

Version 2

    Hello Community!


    It has been a wonderful time for Tableauing with the recent release of Tableau 9.0, and I am confident we are all keeping busy.  As a helper/volunteer on this Forum, I just wanted to take a moment to ask that everyone try to remember to post your Tableau Desktop Version when asking questions on the Forums.  This makes it easier to help you, as helpers will no longer have to guess at what version you are using when replying to a post.  i imagine some folks have not yet updated to 9.0 (you should -- LOD calcs are the greatest!), and so it can be cumbersome to try and figure out what version those seeking help are using when they ask a question.


    Also, a gentle reminder that posting a Packaged Workbook and a mockup of your expected results is ideal -- it is very difficult to diagnose a problem in Tableau without a workbook.  Most scenarios can be replicated with the Superstore Sales or Coffee Chain datasets that ship with Tableau -- if you can take the time to mock up a workbook, clearly describe the problem you are trying to solve, and provide the results you are hoping to achieve in a visual mockup, this will ensure you get the best possible help on the Forums.


    And a final note -- please remember to thank those who are helping you, and/or mark their responses as either helpful or "correct" answers.  This helps keep the forums a thriving, polite community and it encourages those who can provide the best help to keep coming back in the future to try and solve problems.


    To those answering questions, I would ask that you provide as much detail as possible in your responses.  One line answers are not usually sufficient for solving problems in Tableau, and it really helps others learn when you can provide details on WHY and/or HOW your solution solves the problem being posed.  Please, take the time to provide detailed responses, references/links for further learning, and especially your understanding of how something works -- this will not only help the user asking the question, but it will help YOU in your understanding of Tableau.  And the experts around here can help to clear up any confusion or misunderstandings that are sure to exist in such a complex piece of software.


    That's all -- I did not intend to write this much, but I hope this post reaches someone and helps to keep our community thriving!


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