Tableau 2018.1 Release Resources

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    New features in 2018.1 may be found here:


    Release Notes:


    Updated Drivers:


    All new Online Help:


    Free On-Demand Training (all new videos): Tableau Training and Tutorials


    Desktop Resources:


    Install Tableau Desktop


    Community Forums



    Server Resources:


    Tableau Server 2018.1 | Tableau Software


    Community Tableau Server Resources: Server Administration



    Tableau Prep Resources:


    Tableau Prep Resources



    Community Created Resources:


    When posting questions to the community related to 2018.1, please add the '2018.1' tag to your post.   If your post is related to Tableau Prep, please post it  in the new Tableau Prep space and use the tag "Tableau Prep".

    This will help others to better know that your question relates to these new versions.


    Enjoy and share any links or content that you find helpful.