9.0 Release Resources

Version 2

    I will be continuing to update and add resources here as I hear of them.  



    Desktop and Server Resources:


    Download here: Alternate Download Site | Tableau Software


    New features in 9.0 may be found here: http://www.tableau.com/new-features/9.0


    Release Notes: 9.0 | Tableau Software


    Updated Drivers: http://www.tableau.com/support/drivers


    All new Online Help: http://www.tableau.com/support/help


    Free On-Demand Training (all new videos): Tableau Training and Tutorials


    Desktop Resources:

    Smart Maps: Tableau 9.0 Preview – Smart Maps | Tableau Software

    Calculated fields while you work: Analytics in the Flow | Tableau Software

    LOD Expressions Specific: 


    Understanding LOD Expressions: Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions | Tableau Software


    Top 15 LOD Expressions: http://www.tableau.com/LOD-expressions


    Training video for LOD expressions: Introduction to LOD Expressions | Tableau Software


    Another very helpful new video under the "Why Does Tableau Do That" section: Fixing "Incorrect" Sorts with INDEX() | Tableau Software


    Server Resources:


    Tableau Server 9.0 upgrade information: http://www.tableau.com/9.0-server-upgrade


    Community Tableau Server Resources: Server Administration



    Community Created Resources:


    When posting questions to the community related to 9.0, please add the '9.0' tag to your post.  This will help others to better know that your question relates to the new version.

    Prashant Sharma has a great post with many of the posts from around the internet related to 9.0 and new features here: Re: New Features in Tableau 9+?

    And thanks to Zen Master an intro for the more advanced Tableau Users thanks to Joshua Milligan for this:New Tableau 9.0 Features Preview at DFW TUG. - YouTube.

    Enjoy and share any links or content that you find helpful.