How to write an idea Tableau Program Managers will look at

Version 6

    Tableau Developers and Program Managers are always looking at the Ideas section of the Community for inspiration and a look into the type of features that people who use Tableau are looking for. It's a great way to see all the different use cases, scenarios and problems that Tableau users run into. In order to provide them with an idea that they can act on and make the most sense of, there are a couple of different questions to answer each time an idea is created.


    Here are a couple of questions that are always good to include.


    What is your idea?


    Example: Provide data-driven alerts on Tableau Server.


    What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?



    • I know if an extract refresh fails without having to sign in
    • I know about low disk spaces without checking
    • We reduce time between an event and our ability to take action
    • Tableau users don't waste time constantly checking vizzes to see if something happened


    What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?


    Example: I've created a script that sends me email alerts.


    What is your role in your organization?


    Example: I'm a Server Admin.


    The more information that is provided in an idea, the more the Dev Team has to work off of and hopefully deliver!