A Datasource for Background Tasks

Version 5

    UPDATE: Please see Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server for the current version of this datasource, as well as others I've shared.




    This is the first in what I hope to be a series of Tableau Data Sources based on helping people do their own reporting from the Tableau Server Repository database. Inside that database is a wealth of unexploited information, but oftentimes the schema and how the data is created can be a bit confusing. It's my hope that these datasources will alleviate some of that problem for our Admins out there.


    This datasource is called "TS Background Tasks" (the "TS" being for "Tableau Server"). It provides information on the Background Tasks that run within Tableau Server, with a focus on Extract Refresh operations. Fields are foldered for easy navigation and each contains a comment describing what it represents.


    This is designed primarily for Admins interested in building their own custom views, it also has another purpose--it includes user-level filtering to allow non-Admin users to see information on Background Tasks related to the content they own. Meaning that you could use this datasource to author a view which would provide users visibility into their own extract refresh data, if you so chose. To me, this is the most important feature of the datasource, as there is a lot of benefit in helping users self-manage their own content--for both them and me!


    Prerequisite:  You must have the "read-only" user enabled for Tableau Server (version 8.2.5 and later).


    Publishing to Tableau Server:


         NOTE: I suggest following these steps on a non-production instance of Tableau Server first to ensure that you are comfortable with them before putting on your production server(s).


    1. Open the .tds file in Tableau Desktop. You will be prompted to run the Custom SQL statement. Click OK.
    2. Next, right-click to edit the data connection, and enter the name of the worker running your PostgreSQL Repository (for a single-node instance of Server, this will just be your server name), and the password for the readonly database user. Go back to the worksheet screen once done.
    3. Right click the connection and select Publish to Server.
    4. Publish (I suggest that at this stage you remove all permissions, leaving only Admins access, until such time as you are comfortable with the data being shared more widely--you can always grant more permissions at a later time).
    5. Open Tableau Desktop, connect to the new datasource, and build something awesome!


    Questions? Problems? Want to see something added? Let me know!


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