Create a custom tableau color palette from an image

Version 1

    One of our co-workers here at Tableau, Eric Hannell, has created a wonderful tool that I am sure many of you will find very helpful.

    Here is his documentation for using the site:

    I love custom palettes but I hate creating them, so I put together a little webapp to do it for me.

    Everyone, meet, your friend in the tableau color palette world.


    How to use:


    1. Give it a link to an image hosted on the web (the bigger and ‘crisper’ the image the better)
    2. Click the button
    3. Magic! (behind the scenes: tabpal finds the dominant colors in the image and creates the tableau palette xml).
    4. Copy the xml and paste it into your Preferences.tps file (maybe change the name to something sensible)
    5. Use


    color palette example.png

    Happy Holidays