Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report.

Version 3

    This uses some tables from the Server db so for versions 8.2.4 and below you'll need to use DAAP.  For versions 8.2.5 and higher make sure 'readonly' user access has been set up.


    Make sure you edit the connection so this report points to your server because it will fail since it's pointing to a non-existent location.  Naturally, you will need to use the username & password you used for your setup as described above.


    This report will display who looked at what workbook/view, last time they viewed the object, and how many times.

    From the "Who has seen this view?" worksheet:

    Click on a Workbook Name to get summary info about it:


    Click on a View Title (a.k.a. worksheet name) to get summary info about it:


    The "Historical detail" worksheet displays the date/time stamp of when a user looked at a view.  It mostly matches up with the counts from the "Who has seen this view?" view -- I don't know why it doesn't exactly match all the time but I don't use this view and I'm not really concerned with the minor and occasional discrepancy.  If anyone knows why please leave a good explanation why in the Comments section.



    This is no longer being maintained.  New version is here:  Who has seen this view? Workbook and View hits report-v2.