Calculating Top N, Bottom N

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    Description: Calculating Top N, Bottom N using Sets



    Top N Bottom N.png


    Tableau Version: (example 7.1)


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    In my examples, we have 10 Products (Products are "X")


    1) Initially, create a set top 3 Products, Right click on "X" create on "Set", then select "Top" then define "3", choose "Sales" for arbitration of this calculation.



    2) Like above method, create Bottom 3 Products.

    3) Create a combined set, it will add Top 3, Bottom 3 Products like below.

    Right click on "Top 3", click on "Combine Set"



    4) then select "Bottom 3" in the second set like below screenshot.




    5) Drag "Top 3 Bottom 3" set to Filters, then click on "IN".